Studio Construction
Studio Construction

The guy we'd originally hired to install the doors and build the exterior threshold bailed on us before completing the job.
We had rain water from a number of pretty good afternoon storms flow into the room from under the threshold because it was never sealed. The standing water caused damage to our newly finished floor which made us none to happy. (The white clouding at the edge of the threshold on the dark spot in the floor in the photo.)

Enter Eric Bodmer from Faurot Constuction! The threshold had become cracked, so Eric rebuilt it using composite wood this time. And he made sure it was sealed properly. Eric is a great guy and knows his stuff as you'd expect. We highly recommend him.

With the doors finally sealed properly and the soffit finished, it was time to start acoustically treating the room.

The design for the acoustic panels is based on a design by Steven Helm The frames are made of drywall corner bead. 8

Mineral wool bats were used in each frame. This one is 4 inches. Then they were covered with a linen-look polyester. More expensive than burlap, but classier.

Bolts were used as both stand-offs and support for a hanging bracket. Self adhesive felt was applied to the bolt heads to protect the walls.

Because we want to be able to move these around in the future, we used the large 3M Command hooks. These have a 5lb holding capacity which tells you how light these panels are. This also kept us from poking too many holes in the isolated wall system.

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