Studio Construction
Studio Construction

After a long period of inactivity, the pace increased rapidly. In December, framing started.

This is" room within a room" construction with a Mass-Air-Mass isolation system. The gap between the old and new walls is 4". Each wall is free standing and independently seperated from other walls, ceiling and floor.

There are a number of products available to acheive this separation. Some are affordable, some are not. Most all involve using Neoprene in some shape or form. In an on-going effort to build on a budget, we came up with our own solutions.

The kick plate of each wall utilized 1/2" x 7" cement anchors through #8 neoprene bottle stoppers. The 2X4 sits on neoprene Super W pads (two squares) made for the purpose.

Neoprene mouse pads cut down to size were used at the ceiling instead of the neoprene pads because we didn't want as much of a gap at the ceiling.

Another isolation product that we fabricated ourselves were sway brackets for the west wall. There is currently a double entry door on the old wall. Our plan is to add another set of double doors in the new wall to act as a sound barrier. These are massive, plaster filled doors. Because of this, more support was needed at that wall.

The sway brackets were constructed using Simpson deck brackets; the center hole enlarged to 1/2 inch. A 3/8inch ID x 5/8inch OD grommet was inserted in the hole to isolate the 3/8" bolt. A #8 rubber stopper fit on both sides of the bracket with the bolt through. A 1/2" hole had been drilled through the stoppers.

Our "home-made" sway bracket cost all of $11 to put together.

The bracket was bolted to the old wall and attached to the new wall using a
Simpson deck angle bracket.

With the framing done, it was time to call in the electrician.

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