Studio Construction
Studio Construction
Finishing the Sheetrock

The drywall inspection was a piece of cake.

We also replaced the attic space ladder. The old one was just too dangerous, but we didn't want to eliminate it completely. There is some sound proofing to do around it and we will be adding another layer of drywall to the ceiling.

As you'd expect, the room turned into a big echo chamber once the drywall went up. It was like singing in a tiled bathroom. I just had to capture it. So, several mics were used to record impulses. Different mics in different directions gave very different sounds. I've made the impulse waves available on our download page.

We were fortunate enough to have a very good friend give us some solid commercial doors for the room. Once the hardware order comes in, the doors will be hung. We've hired a commercial contractor familiar with studio construction to install the doors.

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