Studio Construction
Studio Construction
Beginning door installation

Just in case you don't think there has been any sweat equity put in on this project. Here's a photo of me after scraping the ceiling in the stairwell.

We got another layer of drywall up on the ceiling and are waiting to have it taped.

The original exterior doors have been turned around so they now open out.

And the decision on which of our new doors are to go in front of them has been made. These are really gorgeous doors.

Neoprene was used to cover the gap between the double walls and to isolate the door frame from the wall.

Because of a nice spring snow storm we had to wait an extra week for the hardware to come in.

Finally, the door installation began.

It was more cost effective to have the exterior thresholds built.
It also allowed for a smaller gap between the two thresholds. It along with the gap around the frame will be filled with backer rod and caulk later.

Here the weather stripping (GM trunk k- type rubber) has been installed. This is pretty ridged stuff. The stop trim needs to be bevelled to allow the rubber to fit correctly and for everything to sit against the frame. To ensure a uniform seal, the rubber needed to be attached to the stop trim first, then with the door closed, pressed up to the door and attached to the frame.

A new door has been installed at the top of the stairwell. The door at the bottom of the stairs will be replaced with a solid core door also.

Automatic threshold stops will be installed on all the doors.

The double doors are almost done and look great.

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