Studio Construction
Studio Construction
Final Electrical

The walls and ceiling have been primed. And our electrician finished the trim out of the room.
The electric heat works great! It took some time passing the final electrical inspection.
We had the inspector back three times. But each time the inspector came back he found just one more thing.
Well, all was easily fixed and now the whole house is safer.

Our utility circuit is on the top recepticle. The bottom is the isolated ground recepticle. Normally, the isolated recepticle would be orange. We were able to cut costs by using standard recepticles. Here's why....

A word about isolated grounding. Hospital grade recepticles (the bright orange ones)are expensive. Sometimes 10x the price of a Standard recepticle. But you can achieve the same goal using those less expensive Standard recepticles.

If you are using metal conduit and boxes, Hospital Grade recepticles are necessary when creating an isolated ground circuit. On a Standard recepticle, that ground screw is tied to the metal strap that gets screwed into the box. Because the metal conduit is grounded, the standard recepticle is grounded when mounted into the metal box. A ground screw on a hospital grade recepticle is not connected to the strap. This allows (and mandates) a separate ground wire be used and now allows ground isolation from all other recepticle grounds on the circuit.

In recent years, the use of electrical PVC conduit and plastic boxes has become common, especially in residential. (You will want to check the code in your area on this however. I know that 20 years ago, Dupage County, Illinois required metal conduit over Romex. I don't know if they now allow PVC conduit or not.) Because the plastic conduit is no longer a ground source, the standard recepticle becomes isolated from the other recepticles on the chain . You have to connect that green screw to a grounding cable when going plastic. Normally, the grounds would get daisy-chained from recepticle to recepticle along with the hot and netrual. But it doesn't have to. Each ground can be run individually as if using a hospital grade recepticle. There's nothing else that is special about those Hospital Grade recepticles except that they are more heavy duty than most recepticles found in your home. But Standard recepticles come in heavier duty also and are still cheaper than the orange ones. Remember, it is a no-no to paint a recepticle, so there is no changing the color of a standard recepticle to orange. We will be painting our face-plate orange. And running un-sheathed wires requires conduit. You can't just run a new ground wire along the romex. As always, check all local codes. We just discovered that tamper-resistant recepticles are code in all residential in our county now. Though tamper-resistant Hospital Grade recepticles are available, they are even more costly. So, using standard ones makes even more sense.

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