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Testimonials From our Customers

    I have been meaning to send this e-mail for a while now. We sent you a wire recording back in the fall. It was a recording of my father singing and playing the banjo. It was so wonderful to hear it. We also had dvd's made for our two children. They never met my father or heard his music. What a marvelous gift to be able to give them. Thank goodness for the internet and your technology. Thank you. You really made a difference.
    - Francine and George Koenig

    Dear Angie, Five years ago, you transferred several spools of wire to CDs for me. You did a wonderful job!! I had planned to send you a note at that time to thank you for your excellent work. But unfortunately, like too many good intentions, it became overshadowed by more urgent demands and I didn't get around to doing it. But I have never had any doubt that I would get to it sooner or later.

    As I said above, you did a wonderful job of transferring the wire recordings to CDs!

    It was a very emotional experience of great joy for us to be able to hear our family singing together in the late 1940s! The CDs, which you made, reproduced clearly and cleanly – and, most important, accurately – the voices of each of us. It was just like being there in person again!

    I don’t remember whether I had told you the reason why I had wanted to put the wire recordings onto CDs. But the motivating factor was that my father’s wife of 60 years (and my mother) had recently passed away, and I wanted – from the wire recordings – to bring back some old-time family memories for my father to be able to listen to during his months of adjusting to the loss of his very beloved wife.

    So we siblings, as a surprise to my father, presented to him the CDs that you had produced from the wire recordings. He was so surprised and so very thrilled to be able to hear those 1940s recordings again!

    You might be interested to hear about one thing that especially moved my father to tears:

    My father had long believed that my mother had never allowed him to record her singing. My father always claimed that every time that he tried to get her to sing my very shy mother would refuse. So my father thought that there was never any recording of his wife – now gone – singing.

    Imagine my father’s reaction when he heard, in one place on one of the CDs, his wife singing – a solo!! He couldn’t believe it! He was thrilled! And he was emotionally moved to tears of joy to learn that he indeed did have – and now can hear again – a recording of his beloved wife singing!

    Again, thank you so much for your excellent work in bringing everything that was on those old spools of wire back to life again – bringing great joy to my father and all of us.
    - Jim Lund

    My wife and I have finished previewing all of the CD s of the 9 wires that you transcribed for us and we are absolutely impressed with the splendid job that you have done. The Dixieland-swing band that is heard on two of the tapes is actually a territorial band of the post-war era (WW2) where my wife's Mom was the pianist and her Dad was the saxophone player and the leader. We had up till now no real souvenir recordings of their performances......they were very popular in the region and they were in constant demand. That Band played all over the Canadian prairies in the South Saskatchewan region near Swift Current. The one CD in particular will remain as one of the best quality souvenirs of their Band that we have. My wife and her three sisters are just thrilled to be able to revisit these treasures from the past and our three children and our grandchildren who were recently re-united in Salt Lake were blown away by these CDs. Was a great family moment all of which was made possible by your superb skills ! Thank you very much for your excellent and high quality services.
    - Bernard Turcotte, Onterio, Canada

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you and Avocado Productions did for my family's wire recording. I was absolutely astounded by how good the sound quality was. The primary male voice on the wire was my grandfather, who passed away 15 years ago. And the primary woman's voice on the first half was his mother, who died years before I was born. It was truly miraculous to hear voices in my family that I had never heard before. I don't know if there are other wire spools in our collection from my gramma's house, but if there are I won't hesitate to send them to you -- an outstanding job! Worth every single penny! Thanks and God Bless,
    - Steve Wirzylo, Toledo, Ohio

    The CD-ROM arrived today. I can't tell you how much your work has meant to us. I've only listened to about 5 minutes, and had to stop because of the emotions which arose in me.
    I don't know how much you heard, but at least in the beginning, the wire had my father "interviewing" his father as sort of an intentional way to get at how my grandfather felt about being in this country (he came here in 1915 and the wire, from what I could tell, was made around 1954....
    What a joy for me to hear after all these years (my grandfather died about 30 years ago)!
    Thanks so much for making this possible, promptly, and at a reasonable price.

    - Ben Widrevitz, Downers Grove, Illinois

    We received the CD of the wire spool recording of our wedding on June 25, 1949. HURRAH! It brought back pleasant memories of the event. Thanks so much for your service.
    - Don G. Towson, Maryland

    Thank you for your good work on these wires. I made them in the late forties and early fifties. My wife died in 1955 and I was not aware that I had her singing on one of the wires. I am overjoyed to get them. We have passed your name along to other wire holders.
    - Billie S. Huntsville, Alabama

    Angie.....I have never heard my Dad more pleased and appreciative in all my life. I will more than highly recommend you! You are, in fact, a true Professional, in every sense of the word.
    - Teri B. Mesa, Arizona

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